Herbal & Holistic Approach

Paramanand Herbs is an initiative of Paramanand Ayurveda to help people understand and utilize various exceptionally beneficial herbs. Herbs are the greatest gift to health from nature. Our ancestors used this gift to cure all their health problems. But due to industrialization, onset of factory line production and destruction of forests, people became dependent on chemical laden drugs rather than having herbal approach. This lure of quick and easy solution has led to various dangerous diseases and health conditions and a dramatic reduction in quality of health and life.

But, in last decade or so people & research community around the world has realized that herbal and holistic approach to health is the way forward. Lots of researches conducted on these herbs have shown great results for health. Herbs not only have been beneficial to health, they have also shown power to destroy many life-threatning diseases that were previously incurable like diabetes, psoriasis etc.

Health conscious people are developing interest in herbs usage for general health and also for curing diseases. Paramanand Herbs makes it easy for them by providing all the herbs at one location. It gives them opportunity to get fresh herbs delivered at their door steps at affordable costs. Apart from these facilities, you can also talk to our doctors or herbologists if you have any query related to herbs and/or diseases.


Most Commonly Useful Herbs

  • Acacia / Babool / बबूल

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  • Apricot / सूखी खुबानी

  • Indian Tinospora / गिलोय

  • Anjeer / अंजीर

  • Atibala / अतिबाला

  • Azadirachta Indica / नीम

  • अश्वगंधा
    Rated 1.00 out of 5

    Ashwagandha / अश्वगंधा

  • Ficus religiosa / पीपल

  • Badi Harad / बड़ी हरड़

  • Cutch Tree / खैर

  • Black Musli / काली मुसली

  • Psoralea corylifolia / बाबची

  • Chirata / चिरायता

  • Brahmi / ब्रह्मी

  • Black Himej

    Black Himej / छोटी हरड़

  • Licorice Roots-1

    Licorice Roots / मुलेठी

  • Talmakhana / तालमखाना


Disease & Herbs

Skin Infection

Male Sexual Problems




Weight Loss


You get the herbs at your doorsteps. Yes, now you don’t need to worry about where to search for or purchase these herbs, because we deliver ordered herbs at your doorsteps. Also, you are not charged extra delivery costs. You just pay for the herbs. Unavailability of herbs is no longer a hurdle.

100% Fresh & Organic Herbs

We provide 100% organic & natural herbs. All the herbs are freshly collected and no chemicals are involved so that you get them 100% natural. We provide you fresh and high quality herbs. Certain herbs give good results at older stage so accordingly we provide you these herbs.

Friendly Support & Guidance

Our people are 100% committed to provide you any assistance you need. You can put forward any query you have related to any herb or your order. You can also consult our doctors or herbologists about any confusion or health problem where you want to use herbs. You can call us, email us or also fill the contact us form.

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Vanaushadhi Gyanpeeth

It is an initiative to make common people aware and understand the importance and usefulness of herbs that nature has gifted us.


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