Acacia Catechu (Khair, Khadira)- A Tonic for Skin and Other Condition



Human skin, as being the outermost organ of the body, it protects your internal organs and so that of the invasive intrusions carried in by those of the microorganisms and harmful particles. It is the largest organ of your body covering up top to bottom of your body and protects you from external threats. Had skin not been there, your body would have been the shelter of innumerable harmful determinants. There are dozens of clinical studies supporting the use of herbs contrary to chemical compounds for attaining the desirable skin but those who are in a state of negligence are still using those of the harmful chemicals and getting themselves into hot water. Did you know, those of the chemical included beauty products can be the curse of your life? You must not have been aware of the fact, but hundreds of perusals regarding the same concluded those products to be detrimental for your skin health. Those products may give you instant fairness and flawless skin but after a decade or two with continuous use of those products may make your skin ill. Nature has always been there for the living beings of this planet and so to humanity. It has innumerable of its elements to offer humanity and today we are going to talk about an herb, which surely will take your skin health to the top-notch. Acacia Catechu or Khair is a gift from nature bestowed upon humankind.

Acacia Catechu or KhairAcacia Catechu or Khair is a botanical name of the tree, which belongs to Mimosoideae family of plant of the kingdom plantae. It is known by different names in various province as Khair in Hindi, Cutch tree or heart wood tree in English and Khadira in Sanskrit. It is a kind of deciduous tree, which means it sheds its leaves annually, and particularly in autumn season, that is September to November. It grows in variable climate conditions with reaching an average height of 15 meters. However, most of these trees reach of height up to 10-12 meters irrespective of its geographic area of habitat. It is a thorny tree abundantly found across India to the states such Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and other parts of India except to those of cold regions and humid regions. This plant has short hooked spines, which protect it from being eaten by various animals. The leaves of this tree are green having leaflets that are further subdivided in a pinnate arrangement. It can have 50 pairs of leaflets. When it comes to the flower of this tree, the pale yellow color is being the noteworthy aspect of this tree. The bark color is grey and brown which exfoliate into long and narrowed stripes. The seeds of this tree are a good source of protein and has been used for centuries as a traditional medicinal plant.

Acacia Catechu or Khair has Dozens of health supporting constituents and is immensely significant as an herb of great medicinal values. In Ayurveda, it is used for Rasayana. It has many of its health supportive actions containing in it and those actions are anti-dyslipidemia, anthelminthic, anti-pruritic, anti-inflammatory, coolant, taste promoting, enhancing digestion, anti-diuretic, and curing skin disorders. It is also can be used as a teeth cleaning twig, with some sources naming it “the original” such twig. More often, it is going to help you with your cutaneous conditions. In ancient Ayurvedic books, the trails have found that this tree was significantly used in order to get rid those of the conditions pertaining to the skin. If you have any kind of skin pertaining issue, the best way to get rid of the same is by adopting the use of this tree. It is a plant, which is being used in the preparation of variety of Ayurvedic medicines. Name any kind of cutaneous conditions; whether it is temporary or permanent, this may help heal the conditions effectively.

khair barkIts bitter taste may give your mouth hard time but that should not be your idea of concern. Your main concern should be those of the harmful bacteria, which are replicating themselves in your mouth and becoming the cause of dozens of oral conditions. Acacia Catechu or Khair is known to have several medicinal values such as astringent, Bactericide, expectorant, stimulant, refrigerant, masticator and many more of them, which are giving this tree the potency and an edge over its counterparts. There is no tree giving those much potent constituents when it comes to treating the cutaneous conditions. All of the previously mentioned properties of acacia catechu or Khair gives your body and skin the power to fight off innumerable conditions. Not only the skin condition but also other health conditions can be treated with the help of the extracts of this tree. Teeth health, cough and cold, obesity, worm infestation, fever, inflammation, arthritis conditions, bleeding disorders, anemia, liver diseases, diabetes, UTIs, and many more of the health condition can be treated with the help of this tree. Let us get to know more about this tree in various disease, specially the skin condition that we are going to look out for. Let us get to know some disease and disorders and the use of acacia extracts in those of the diseases:

Uses of Acacia Catechu or Khair


Acne is a condition of your skin and mostly affects those of the people who are approaching towards the adolescence stage of their lives. All this happen just because of the sebaceous glands present across your body except palm of the hand and sole of the feet. These glands become overactive during the puberty stage and start producing excessive sebum, which is a kind of serum. When the sebum accumulated in excess, it usually starts secreting through the pores of the skin and often clogged up with hair follicles and dead skin cells giving favorable environment for bacteria to replicate.

This may result in filthy skin and may onset symptoms such as blackheads, puss filled pimples, redness, and in some cases, itching may take over your affected skin. Acacia catechu or Khair is the single most supportive skin tonic, which may help in easing down each symptoms that you are going through. It may not only ease down the symptoms, but also make your skin attractive enough to be noticed by your colleagues and friends. You can prepare the paste of leaves or bark of the tree and apply it on your affected area. Leave it on your skin until it dry and then wash it with clean water. This will help in easing down your condition to an extent.


EczemaEczema is characterized by an itchy inflammation of the skin in some part of your body. Eczema also known as atopic dermatitis is a condition of your skin where the inflammation often followed by itchy skin. The main symptom is a rash that typically appears on the arms and behind the knees, but can also appear anywhere. For this kind of skin problem, it would be better for you to have some faith on Acacia Catechu or Khair. It may help in alleviating down the inflammation of the skin, as it is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. Not only the inflammation be eased down but the trails of eczema would be cleared down by the help of this miraculous medicinal herb.

To use the extracts of this tree for eczema, you can prepare the decoction or paste and apply it on affected area, which will help you get rid of the condition effectively.

Teeth Health

Khadira is an important and most used herb as a twig. It is a useful herbal for the treatment of oral complications such as cavity, gum infections, gingivitis, pyorrhea etc. It has an anti-microbial action and works as a mouth freshener that may help in diminishing bad breath. The tender twig of this plant has been used for centuries in brushing the teeth and has been used as herbal brush for its anti–microbial and natural cleansing properties.

Take the twig of this tree and brush with it every morning. This will ensure the best practice of oral health.

Vitiligo and Leukoderma

Those ones who are affected with these of the two conditions, if Khadira decoction is applied to the affected body part and if consumed orally, well, it may do miracles and may help in taking down those conditions to their knees. It acts on the Pitta body energy that controls the skin complexion and pigmentation. Khadira alleviates this fire energy present in the skin and stimulates formation of melanocytes that impart normal coloration to the skin.

Arthritic Conditions

More and more people to the age of 40 or plus getting affected by this condition. Be it osteoarthritis, Gout or rheumatoid arthritis, Acacia Catechu or Khair is the single powerful tree which may help get over those condition in a facile manner. It has anti-inflammatory properties, which may not only help in alleviating down the signs and symptoms but will also help you in other signs and symptoms such as pain and tenderness in various body parts.

So, what are you up to folks? You are given so much of herbs and natural ingredients to get best out of those options; you need to consider Acacia catechu or Khair for any of the aforementioned conditions.