Black Himej (Harad) – A Lesson for Good Health

Black Himej (Harad)

Every day your body has to go through the harmful environmental changes with the incessant worsening condition. Not only the environment changes playing with the health of the people. Exhaustion of the body due to work, work pressure, family issues, and many more of these are the examples, which plays it harshly with your physical as well as psychological conditions. Exposing yourself in an open environment where a load of harmful particles is higher can make your health condition worsen that you can ever imagine. You also must have been unaware of the fact that how detrimental it could be for you to avoid some of the best practices of the health. Whether it is an unhealthy lifestyle, unhealthy eating, and lack of physical exercise/activity or reluctance towards good eating habits, they all have the capacity to impair your physical as well psychological condition. A day in the morning, you wake up with a jolt that shakes up your life after picking up that ringing smartphone which incessantly blowing through your ears. The other side of the phone is your family doctor confirming that you have been diagnosed with a rare and life-threatening disease may shiver you at the very moment. Well, being diagnosed with the rare and life-threatening condition does not only imply to physical sufferings but it also has psychological aspects connected to it. It may have its negative outcomes on your family as well. You might be unaware of the fact that those of the so-called clinical tests and drugs cost you as high as they cost 500 times more than the actual cost of the same. The exorbitant charges imposed on you by the hospitals and your family has to go through the consequences.

ayurveda-bWell, my idea here was not to startle you for the future complications but I wanted to make you go deep with your thinking into the best practice of your health. Every disease whether it is common, rare or life-threatening take their onset with comparably benign signs and symptoms and even with no noteworthy signs and symptoms at all. Moreover, every disease has its trail connected to the lifestyle of that particular person. Therefore, in order to play it safe, the lifestyle along with the changed consciousness towards the best practices of your health will help you get to the safer side. Nature is the best protector, which has not only been nurturing the lives since time immemorial on this planet but is now becoming the hope for millions in this modernized world of intellectuals. Ayurveda is proving to be the best supportive player for nature and has helped in curing millions of millions from the diseases that they were affected with for years. Here, we are not going to promulgate for Ayurveda, the actual topic that we are going to talk about is an impeccably good herb, which has helped those of the needy ones in their gloomy days.

Black Himej or HaradBlack Himej or Harad, I am damn sure you must have been listening to this term for the first time, so I was to some extent. Black Himej or Harad is an herb, which is a fruit extract of the tree Terminalia Chebula. Terminalia Chebula is its botanical name but that does not mean it has its single name only. It is known by various names such as Black Myrobalan in English, Harad or Haritaki in Hindi, Amrita or Pathya in Sanskrit. It holds an impressive and long history of being used as a medicinal plant and as a natural cure for a variety of diseases and disorders. It grows across South Asia and especially in the various province of India. It is vastly found in hill areas and forests up to the heights of 5000 ft. above the sea level. When we talk about the features of its tree, it is a medium to a large sized deciduous tree, which may grow up to 25-30 meter, and to that of the trunk of this tree is 8-12 ft. in diameter. The bark of this medicinal plant is dark brown with longitudinal stripes. Its leaves are elliptic with an approximate size of 7-8 inches. Its leaves are unequal at the base and have 5-8 pairs of veins in it.

The fruit of this tree is of great medicinal values, holds almost 75 percent of the potency comparing to that of the whole tree, and is a famous rejuvenating herb. Its fruits are 1-2 inches long with, in shape of an oval and have five prominent stripes, which make this fruit easier to identify. Every fruit has one seed only. There are dozens of perusals have been completed till date and most of them have concluded Black Himej or Harad to be one of the most salubrious herbs present in nature with immense benefits for various diseases and disorders. It has its extensive health benefits to offer you. Here is why black Himej or Harad so good for a various health condition that we are going to explore in the next section of this article.

Benefits of Black Himej (Harad)

Digestive Support

Harad for Digestive Support Are you concerned about what you eat or what you are planning to eat? Are they salubrious for your health or not? Well, as if you are health conscious, these are the most common rules that you have to follow in order to be healthy and fit. What about those who have taken it totally in a wrong way? Whatever you eat determines your health, so, as to keep your health right on track, you need to take the salubrious things out of the bag. Sometimes your digestive tract is not at its best. In order to put it on right on track, there should be something supplementary and black Himej does exactly the right things for you. It may help support your digestive tract and will help in strengthening the muscles of the digestive tract. It may help in supporting a healthy intestinal environment and may increase the capacity of your digestive tract to absorb the nutrients. It has significant intestinal motility-enhancing effect in it to support your digestive tract.

How to use: You can chew Black Himej (Harad) fruit directly to get the best out of this herb. There is one alternative way, which will also ensure the proper intake of this herb. You can prepare the powder of the same and take 3 to 6 grams of Harad powder with a comparably equal amount of sugar candy mixed in it. One can take it twice a day after meal, which will help in improving the digestion.

Antioxidant and Antibacterial Protection

Antioxidant and AntibacterialThe antioxidant property of black Himej (Harad) is one of the most noteworthy properties, which attracts the Ayurvedic medical practitioner. Most of the disease and disorders have its connection to harmful bacteria and in order to cope up those ones, you need something counterattacking determinant. Black Himej (Harad) is one such herb, which may hinder the progressing of diseases carried in by those of the unrelenting bacteria. If you are affected with any of the bacterial infection, you may consider Black Himej (Harad) for taking on with those of the harmful bacteria. It has antioxidants like ellagic acid, gallic acid, chebulic acid, flavonol glycosides, selenium and vitamin C that protect your body from cancer and other serious diseases.

How to Use: You can triturate the black Himej (Harad) in fine powder and preserve it for use. To help yourself with the condition, you can take this powder orally with some supportive ingredients such as sugar candy. This process will certainly help you in any infection or disease carried in by those of the unrelenting bacteria.

Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome

harad for Diabetes and Metabolic SyndromePresence of high glucose in blood may put you in grave condition as it is a prolonged condition. Compounds present in black Himej (Harad) have been found to lower blood sugar levels and increase insulin sensitivity. It is being advised to consider taking this herb only after the consultation with your medical practitioner. If you are a diabetic patient, this will help you greatly in the same condition.

How to Use: The best way to use this as for the treatment of diabetes is by chewing it at regular intervals. You also can have it in your thinking to take it in powder form along with a glass of water or with some other additives.

Stomach Support

harad for Stomach SupportIt helps in supporting stomach health. If you have stomach acidity problem or you are the victim of any other stomach related problems, you can start taking black Himej (Harad) in order to support your health in a better way. It may help in reducing the excessive stomach acidity and even help in preventing painful peptic and gastric ulcers.

How to Use: It should be used as a powder form in it and you can even prepare the decoction of the powder and take it for better support of your health.

Not only the above health complication but also it has a wide area of application, which can be used in various diseases and disorders. Other diseases such as weight loss, Lung Disorders, support cutaneous health, immunity booster, Jaundice, constipation, acts as a body cleanser, Bleeding piles, headache, eye disorders and many more of those can be treated with the help of this impeccably good herbs.