Anjeer / अंजीर


Anjeer is a superior herb which is also known as Common fig or Ficus Carica. This herb is traditionally used as a medicinal agent. It plays a crucial role in the cessation and prevention of many health problems. It is scientifically proven that such herb possesses efficacious anti-cancer action that discourages the cancerous cells to make its way in our body. Weight management is something like hard nut to crack. Since, Anjeer is an enriched source of fiber, it is certainly beneficial for weight management. Fiber works by improving the function of metabolism by making it strong. The mentioned herb has a good amount of potassium that helps people to maintain a healthy blood pressure. The regular intake can substantially help people to lower the pressure of blood. Suffering from low libido? Anjeer can be a noble solution for all your sexual problems. It acts as a potent aphrodisiac that play a broad role in improving reproductive health. It is even beneficial in many stomach complexities. It prevents the occurrence of constipation and improves the function of the digestion as well. Your bones desperately need a healthy bone mineral density for a proper function. Since Anjeer is a good source of Calcium, you can use it to improve your bone mineral density. It is also beneficial for your entire heart health.

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