Badi Harad / बड़ी हरड़


Badi Harad or Kabuli Harad has been therapeutically used since ancient times due to its broad spectrum pharmacological actions. It possesses anti-proliferative, antioxidants, analgesic, Hepatoprotective, Cardioprotective, Anti-arthritic, and wound healing actions. It is highly praised for its ability to treat a wide variety of ailments. It has the incredible healing potential that speeds up the healing process of many health issues. This nutraceutical herb is traditionally used to treat a wide range of stomach disorders. It possesses antidiarrheal action that helps people with diarrhea. Dysentery is another form of diarrhea that is also known as infectious diarrhea. This issue too can be treated with the efficacy of Badi Harad. One can use this herb to treat indigestion. The regular consumption of Harad improves appetite and powers digestive system. The person who is dealing with any sort of arthritis can use the efficacy of Harad to get rid of such types of issues. It improves the bone mineral density and makes your skeletal less receptive to joint pain, joint tenderness, joint stiffness, arthritis, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, gout, and rickets. It also increases your bone endurance by making it strong. It contains the pharmacological action that supports the cardiovascular health thereby prevents many heart and cardiovascular disorders.  This is not the end of the benefits of Badi Harad. It has to offer many more benefits that you can’t even imagine.

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