Chirata / चिरायता


Chirata is a potent medicinal herb that is known to have a wide spectrum of therapeutic actions. Due to its wide spectrum pharmacological actions, one can prefer to use it in myriads of health complexities.  The demand for this herb is increasing day by day both domestically and internationally. Preliminarily as well as recent clinical assays have found it incredibly beneficial for human health welfare. In many clinical trials, it has demonstrated many medicinal actions including Antioxidants, Anti-cancer, Anti-viral, Anti-inflammatory, Antibacterial, Anti-diabetic, Anti-hepatitis, anti-pyretic, and hypoglycemic. Fevers, including general fever, intermittent fever, and chronic fever are effectively managed by the therapeutic actions present in Chirata (Swertia Chirayita). Today, Hepatitis is one of the common threats to human which should be treated with the right medication else it may offer numerous health complexities. Many clinical assays have proved Chirata efficacious in Hepatitis. Not only this but, one can prefer to use such nutraceutical herb in Digestive disorders, Malaria, Anemia, Ulcer, Scanty Urine, Epilepsy, Intestinal worm, and many skin diseases. Chirata is also capable of purifying the blood and preventing the complexities caused by the vitiation of blood.

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