Cutch Tree / खैर


Khair is a medicinal tree which bark has been therapeutically used for centuries. It has the Binomial name Senegalia Catechu. It contains the medicinal actions like anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, coolant, antidyslipidemic, Astringent, and anti-diuretic action. This herb also contains anti-diarrheal action that broadly helps people with diarrhea and even in dysentery. This herb is traditionally used as an effective remedy for sore throat, throat inflammation, nose swelling and throat pain. Khair is also found to be fruitful herb in treating and preventing the formation of cancerous tumor. Khair could be a noble therapy for the inflammation of the colon and its allied complications. Today, a large number of people are vulnerable to skeletal disorders.  Low bone mineral density, Joints pain, Joints tenderness, Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, Gout and Rickets are the common skeletal issue that typically affect people at the later stage of life. The regular consumption of Khair can substantially help people with all the mentioned bone complexities. Khair or Senegalia Catechu is applied to the skin to get rid of many skin ailments such as Acne, Dermatitis, Eczema, and Leprosy. It is also a noble therapy option for gum and teeth associated diseases as well.

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