Ficus religiosa / पीपल


Peepal (Ficus Religiosa) is a sacred perennial tree which has been therapeutically used for centuries due to its broad spectrum of pharmacological compounds. This herb possesses the potent curative actions. This perennial plant has the natural ability to treat myriads of ailments. This herbaceous plant has a long history of its medicinal uses. It has been broadly used to treat a wide number of skin complexities. It possesses Antipruritic, Anti-inflammatory, Antiviral and Antimicrobial properties. The mentioned actions play a broad role in the management of many skin disorders. Herpes is a common skin infection that brings many afflictions. Peepal has the strong anti-herpetic actions that immensely help people with such infection. In many clinical assays, Peepal has displayed strong inhibitory and antiproliferative action against many microorganisms.  Peepal has strong anti-diabetic action hence one can use this potent herb to deal with Diabetes and allied complexities. Peepal works by powering up the insulin sensitively and regulating the blood glucose level. It also possesses the strong antibacterial activities against a wide number of bacteria hence it can be fruitfully used to treat any bacterial ailments. This perennial plant is also capable of improving the immune system thereby enables us to tackle a number of infections and diseases. This perennial plant is also beneficial for a number of health issues such as Asthma, Bronchitis, Dyspnea, Epilepsy, Paralysis, Gastritis, and sexual disorders.

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