White Musli / सफेद मुसली


Safed Musli is a very popular Ayurvedic herb broadly hailed for its many therapeutic values. It is enriched with various pharmacological actions that act as a potent Aphrodisiac. Due to its Aphrodisiac values, it has the immense use in many sexual complexities.  It is an incredible herb that is capable of increasing the sperm count and its quality thereby it makes you less prone to sexual problems. It is a panacea herb that can have the potential to treat Spermatorrhoea (An involuntary ejaculation). A wide number of people consider administrating it to bring vitality and vigor. The preliminary, as well as recent studies, have found that Safed Musli can be an herb of choice in the management Erectile Dysfunction. Safed Musli treats Erectile Dysfunction by improving the flow of the blood in the penile area and increasing the count and quality of sperm. A recent clinical assay confirmed that Safed Musli is having the potential to treat premature ejaculation and lack of interest in sexual activities. It also increases the fertility rate of both male and female. Another sexual inadequacy namely Oligospermia can be effectively treated with the goodness of Safed Musli. The pharmacological action of this herb is not restricted to only sexual problems but one can prefer to use it in many other health issues too. It has certain therapeutic values that help people with diabetes mellitus and allied complications. This herb stimulates the insulin secretion and increases the sensitivity of insulin simultaneously. The immune stimulant values present in Safed Musli help people who are suffering from a compromised immunity. It is also beneficial in many skeletal disorders such as Osteoporosis, Osteoporosis, Gout, Arthritis, and Rickets.

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