Replicate the Best Practice of Optimum Health with Ficus Religiosa or Peepal

Ficus Religiosa or peepal

Peepal or Ficus Religiosa – Herbs have always been the prime focus point in India, gradually capturing the eyes of the millions in the field of medical science. When we are concerned about our health, we usually turn our head and what we see is allopathy. Today, thousands of perusals have been concluded that allopathy medicines are not all that our body wants, concerning to the fact that most of the allopathic medicines are prepared with the help of harmful chemicals. It wants something salubrious such as the herbs and natural determinants. To cure the diseases, we have to think out of the box. Today people need to contemplate the situation of their health, an endeavor for achieving the best of their health should be their only aim to work on. Even those of the dire condition should be given a hard time in our body.

As we know that herbs are natural elements, so to maximize your body’s potential, herbs should be given the respect and a place in your lives. Today we are going to bring in light an herb that is believed to be a religious tree in India and some parts of the Indian subcontinent. Ficus Religiosa or Peepal is that sacred tree which has been worshiped in India for centuries. According to the Hindu tenet and as per the Hindu scriptures, in Hinduism roots of the tree represent Brahma; Vishnu becomes the trunk and Shiva, the leaves. It is one of the most revered trees in India and not only because it has god connection to it. Ficus Religiosa or Peepal tree has been used in easing down the lives of millions and helped in their agonies.

Peepal barkFicus Religiosa or Peepal is a tree, which is the hope for millions, and as we know that during photosynthesis, it releases oxygen, therefore, taking nap right under the shadow of Ficus Religiosa or Peepal will help you relax to some extent. It releases an ample amount of oxygen even in the night, so, it helps to control the temperature down to a normal level in those of the summer days when the sun is at its full potential. Yes, it is a tree, which releases oxygen even during the night due to special photosynthesis process, known as Crassulacean Acid Metabolism (CAM). Ficus Religiosa or Peepal is known by dozens of names, in Hindi province it is known as peepal, ashwattha tree and Bodhi tree. It is known as a sacred fig in English. Ficus Religiosa or Peepal is a large tree with up to 30 meters of height with the trunk being as wide as about 3 meters. Its leaves are thin and of cordate shape with shining attribute being the noteworthy point of this tree. The leaves are 10 to 17 centimeter long and 8 to 12 centimeter broad making the leaves bigger than many of the different tree leaves.

Today, Ayurveda has shown the path to the people as Ayurveda uses this tree for their medical practice. Ayurveda has brought the modern science and ancient medical practice together and the duet is making difference in the medical field. The parts of this tree have traditionally been used for the treatment of gonorrhea and skin diseases and this tree has been used as antiulcer, antibacterial, antidiabetic. Its bark has traditionally been used as antibacterial, antiprotozoal, antiviral, astringent, anti-diarrheal agent. Its leaves were to be used as an agent, which may help in treating the cutaneous conditions.

peepal leafIt could be hard for you to believe but its leaves consist of anti-venom properties, which may help, in any venomous bite carried in by the venomous creatures. It also reported to have the potency to regulate the menstruation period and if you are a victim of the same, well, Ficus Religiosa or Peepal may prove to be an ultimate option for you to heal each agony pertaining to the menstruation. The stem bark of Ficus Religiosa or Peepal is reported to have some of the effective constituents the likes of phytoconstituents of phenols, tannins, steroids, alkaloids and flavonoids, β-sitosteryl-D-glucoside, vitamin K, n-octacosanol, methyl oleanolate, lanosterol, stigmasterol, lupen-3-one and even some of the active constituents such as β-sitosteryl-D-glucoside. Its fruit contains 4.9% protein having the essentials the likes of amino acids, isoleucine, and phenylalanine that may help in nourishing your body to a high extent. The fruits also contain flavonoids such as kaempeferol, quercetin, and myricetin. Its seeds also used as a medicinal determinant, which helps in determining the better of your future. Leaves and fruits contain carbohydrate, protein, lipid, calcium, sodium, potassium, and phosphorus and to that of the aqueous extract of the dried bark of F. religiosa has been reported to contain phytosterols, flavonoids, tannins, furanocoumarin derivatives namely bergapten and begaptol.

As the aqueous extract of Ficus Religiosa or Peepal has an antibacterial effect, therefore, it may help extirpating the bacteria such as taphylococcus aureus, Salmonella paratyphi, Shigella dysenteriae, S. typhimurium, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Bacillus subtillis, S. aureus, Escherichia coli, S. typhi. In a study, which consisted mice, the Immunomodulatory effect was examined. The study carried out by various hematological and serological tests. Administration of extract remarkably ameliorated both cellular and humoral antibody response. Therefore, in the wakes of those studies, it has been concluded that extract possesses promising immunomodulatory properties. Therefore, if we go through the introspection about the same tree, we will find that how fruitful this tree could be for humankind. Let us get to know how the parts of this tree can be used and which are those diseases, which can be cleared with the help of this miraculous plant.


Impotency - peepal barkImpotence is a condition where you cannot hold your penile erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. This may result in depression and family complications; therefore, it is important for you to treat this condition as soon as possible. Ficus Religiosa or Peepal will help you in the same condition. The milky latex extracted from the bark, root or fruit can be taken with honey or ghee in order to help yourself in impotency condition. Even those females who are finding it hard to conceive, they also can take this remedy for increasing the chances of being conceived.

Joint swelling and pain

If you are a victim of persistent pain and inflammation of the body, well, it is a sign of something unusual going in your body. Ficus Religiosa or Peepal can help you in getting out of the hit list of the same. You can prepare a decoction of bark root and stem and preserve it for use. You can take 50 to 60 ml of decoction in order to help yourself from this condition.


peepal leaf help in Skin careFicus Religiosa or Peepal is one of the best herbs along with aloe vera and neem leaves to cure any of the condition pertaining to the skin. Acne, pimple, blackheads and much more can be treated with the help of Ficus Religiosa or Peepal. The tender leaves will be the best to be converted into a paste and this paste can be applied to the affected body part to help yourself from any of the skin related condition.

Wound and bleeding

Any wound can be healed with the help of this miraculous tree. The latex of Ficus Religiosa or Peepal can be taken into account for healing damaged tissues. It may also help in stopping bleeding if the latex would be applied to the affected part.


peepal used in diabetesDiabetes is a worldwide epidemic and is rife in the world among different age groups. Diabetes is a condition where the blood sugar level gets too high from normal level due to dysfunction of pancreas gland. In this condition, if the decoction of the bark or stem is given to the patient, well, the result will be awe-inspiring. 50 to 60 ml of decoction may give you the results out of the expectations.

Vaginal Infection

As being the potent antibacterial agent, it may help in curing the infection caused in the vaginal tract.

Helpful for pregnant women

peepal bark is beneficial for pregnant womenIt is also helpful for pregnant women. Those who are pregnant, they often have to go through the muscles and abdominal cramps. If the parts of this tree taken into consideration, it may help those ones miraculously. The decoction of the bark of Ficus Religiosa or Peepal may help in strengthening the uterine muscles and helps in the better nourishment of the fetus.

Blood Purifier

It also helps in purifying the blood in your body. Blood impurities often result in the manifestation of innumerable health conditions, therefore, this conditions cannot be ignored. The decoction prepared with the help of bark or stem may help in purifying your blood and lead you to better health.

Well, all the aforementioned health benefits that you can enjoy if you start using Ficus Religiosa or Peepal for best practices of health. Therefore, if you are going through any of the aforementioned agonies, you can consider this tree; it may help you in across all your agonies.