Take the Charge of Your Body with the Help of Azadirachta Indica or Neem


Azadirachta Indica is the term might be unfamiliar to many of you and I too was unfamiliar to this term a short while ago. Did you ever come across this hard to pronounce word? Well, if you are living in Indian subcontinent or its neighbor, the chances you might be familiar to this herb are higher. As much as 90 % of the people who are inquisitively reading this article might be unfamiliar to this term. Actually, Azadirachta Indica or Neem is a Latin name but its most familiar names are Neem, Neemtree in Hindi, Indian Lilac in English and Arishta in Sanskrit. Now you must have been putting your imagination to this context. Azadirachta Indica or Neem is a kind of evergreen tree but unless it does not has to face some extreme environmental changes. If there is an Azadirachta Indica or Neem tree in your vicinity, you must have been noticing this tree for years. You must also have been noticed the tree being evergreen throughout the year. It only sheds its leaves when it has to go through some extreme environmental conditions such as drought.

Azadirachta-indica1Water is the first prerequisite for life so as to Azadirachta Indica or Neem. Therefore, when the Azadirachta Indica or Neem tree lack of water, it almost sheds all of its leaves. Well, nature the Almighty again come into force for good and again the water plays an important role, giving life to all living beings at the same time. It is one of the fastest growing trees and may reach to the height of 15-20 meters. In some rare circumstances, it may reach as much as 35-40 meters of height making it the fastest growing tree given that reaching the height in shortest period. It also can have the diameter about 15-20 meters. It has simple and opposite leaves approximately 3-8 centimeters long, but the young leaves of the tree are comparably small and reddish. As this plant is not only found in India but other geographical areas such as Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Maldives, therefore, it has been used in most province of these regions. It also grows in islands located in the southern part of Iran.

Ayurveda, the knowledge of life, soul, enthusiasm, has been there to help the people for centuries and it has been taking the accountability to nurture the life for years. Ayurveda is one of the most ancient sciences along with Unani and other treatment sciences. Ayurvedic way of practicing medicine believes that everything which are found in nature have medicinal properties. To help the people from some of the inexorable health conditions, nature can help those of the needy ones. However, most of the other therapies do not think the way Ayurveda do but somewhere Ayurveda is changing their perspective. The compliance with the rule of nature is the only way the humanity can survive. Let us not equivocate much and come to our focal point, Azadirachta Indica or Neem. In Ayurveda Azadirachta Indica or Neem is believed to be one of the most potent herbs and its efficacy in most of the diseases cannot be put into the cold bag. The whole plant is used in Ayurveda for the medicinal purpose as nature has served this plant with various organic compounds and Ayurveda is making the best use out of this plant.

Why Azadirachta Indica or neem is such an important herb for Ayurveda? Let us try to figure out. Azadirachta Indica or Neem is one of the most versatile medicinal plants and is a rich source of limonoids the likes of predominantly Major-sources-of-ROS-in-cancer-Most-cancer-cells-metabolize-glucose-predominantly-viaantioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anticancer. Its antioxidant property takes the action against the free radicals and oxidative agents and helps you being free from those of the harmful particles. Anti-inflammatory properties of Azadirachta Indica or Neem will take all the responsibility to help you with any of the condition that you are affected with. Inflammation is a response of your body against something harmful going inside your body and to overcome the same, your body gets inflamed. It also has anticancer property, which simply implies the confrontation between the malignant tumor and the properties that it holds. A study based on animal model established that the constituents found in Azadirachta Indica or Neem play a pivotal role in cancer management process. The modulation of innumerable molecular pathways such as p53, PI3K/Akt, pTEN, VEGF, Bcl-2, and NF-κB are something, which helps in anticancer management. Evidences indicate that the anticancer effects of Azadirachta Indica or neem limonoids inhibit the capabilities of cancer such as cell proliferation, angiogenesis, inflammation, invasion and apoptosis evasion. As it is a safe medicinal plant, does not show any adverse side effects, therefore, Ayurveda understand it the most important herb.

The active ingredients of Azadirachta Indica or Neem are found in all parts of the tree but most of its effective properties are found in its stem, bark, seed and leaves. As many as about 200 to 300 properties are found in Azadirachta Indica or Neem and out of those, the most important ones are azadirachtin, nimbolinin, nimbin, nimbidin, nimbidol, sodium nimbinate, gedunin, salannin, and quercetin. The leaves of this plant have ingredients such as nimbin, nimbanene, 6-desacetylnimbinene, nimbandiol, nimbolide, ascorbic acid, n-hexacosanol and amino acid, 7-desacetyl-7-benzoylazadiradione, 7-desacetyl-7-benzoylgedunin, 17-hydroxyazadiradione, and nimbiol. Leave also found to have antibacterial and antifungal properties. The seed contains one of the most potent active such as gedunin and azadirachtin. All these active compounds are believed to give your body a kind of power, which will also help you in harnessing the full potential of your body. Various health benefits that it has to offer you and today we are going to talk some health complications to which Azadirachta Indica or Neem can be used as a remedy.

neemon woundAccording to Murli Manohar the author of the book “Ayurveda For All: Effective Ayurvedic Self Cure for Common and Chronic Ailments” suggests that leaves can be used as primary option in the treatment of Vata disorders or neuromuscular pains. Its other uses come after that. Other health benefits that it has to offer you are purifies the blood, prevent damage caused by free radicals in the body, remove toxins, and treat insect bites and ulcers. Azadirachta Indica or Neem leaves have anti-bacterial properties, which is why it works wonders on infections, burns and any kind of skin problems.

How to Use:

  • If an insect has bitten you and if the wound has been formed, you can take Azadirachta Indica or Neem leaves, prepare a paste, and after that apply the same paste for about 2-3 times a day.
  • For those who are dealing with dandruff, one can take a bunch of leaves, boil it with water and apply it on your hair. This will help you get the better results.
  • Skin Disorders may prove to be the curse of your life. If you are affected with any of the skin disease, you can take Azadirachta Indica or Neem leaves combine it with other additives such as turmeric or any other substance, apply it on affected area. Doing so will ease down you cutaneous conditions the likes of itching, pimple, eczema, ringworms and many others.

The flowers are also the most potent part of this humble tree and how you can use its flower is going to be our next topic. As you are aware of the fact that most parts of Azadirachta Indica or Neem are intolerably bitter but not so with its flower. They are even used in cooking some dishes in south India. They have so much of therapeutic properties, which may help you in various health concerns and some of them are enumerated below:

  • Anorexia2Anorexia is a serious mental illness where people are obsess about their weight and they are highly conscious to what they eat. Symptoms may include trying to manage body weight below to normal level through starvation or too much of exercise. One can start taking the flower of Azadirachta Indica or Neem in order to heal their mental condition.
  • Nausea is a condition where you want to vomit due to some underlying health conditions. If you are feeling nausea, The Azadirachta Indica or Neem leaves can be better to have in your stomach as it may help in extirpating the bacteria or virus if they are indulged in the same. The extracts of Flower will make you feel better.

Azadirachta Indica or Neem bark and twigs are the most common parts of the Azadirachta Indica or Neem tree, which are being used for years. You must have noticed people chewing the twigs especially if you are the resident of India. They can be used as one of the most potent ones when it comes to your health.

You can take Azadirachta Indica or Neem twigs and brush your teeth with the same every morning; it will help in extirpating the cavity causing bacteria in teeth. It is a potent antibacterial agent, which will help you in keeping your mouth health at the top-notch level. Azadirachta Indica or Neem is the ultimate solution, which will help you taking every agony away from its roots.