Take Your Health to a New Level with Acacia Nilotica or Babool

health benefits of Acacia Nilotica Tree- Babool2

Although Acacia nilotica or Babool is native to Africa, this miraculous tree is also found across the Indian subcontinent and has a bunch of benefits to offer humankind. Acacia nilotica or also known as Babool in Hindi and Tomentosa Babool in English is a tree believed to have dozens of health supporting constituents in it, making this tree one of the most potent ones among its counterparts. Acacia nilotica or Babool is its botanical name, which comes from the family of Mimosaceae of the Kingdom Plantae. Have you noticed this tree in your vicinities? Well, you must have not because very few of us are aware of its botanical name but what if I tell you its other names such as Babool, Keekar and even Babla in Bengali? Now you got that one, and you must have been shaking your head in yes to the question that I asked a while ago. I also do have this tree in the vicinity where I am residing now but never thought of this tree to be that much of health supportive. If you have the same tree around you, well, it would be better for you to get familiar with this tree as it has so much to support your health. After knowing the fact that how salubrious this tree could be for your health, the tree that was somewhere secluded in the corner would suddenly start catching your eyes.

Acacia niloticaAcacia nilotica or Babool is a kind of tree, which can be found in the whole of India in dry regions. If you like traveling across cities, you may find out Acacia nilotica or Babool each side of the highway. Even after a plethora of Acacia nilotica or Babool across the Indian subcontinent, this tree is not being used as medicinal herbs due to reluctance and unfamiliarity to this tree. Acacia nilotica or Babool is a medium size and almost evergreen tree. Almost evergreen because sometimes it sheds it half of the leaves in the autumn season. This tree may be crooked or straight depending on the geological area with dark or blackish stem giving it strength. Its stem is woody but most part of it is herbaceous and is of dark brown bark. You may notice that a kind of gum keeps exuding out of its stem.

It grows up to 20 meter, which is not that much of tall. It also has spikes, which if pricked you, well, you need to take some kind of anodyne in order to soothe the pain that you are going to bear. Its leaves are bipinnate that are very small in size and in a group of 4-9 leaves in each leaflet. The flowers are round and resplendent yellow and grow in bunches of 4-6. It also bears pods, which are 3-6 inches in size; each pod has 8-12 flat seeds. The wood of plant is said to be best for burning. The pods and leaves have high levels of crude about 12.4% and digestible protein 8% and energy 7.2 MJ. The pods are rich in minerals such as Le Houerou. Pods are used as a supplement to poultry aims in India. Dried pods are relished and particularly sought out by animals grazing on rangelands as the pods mature towards the end of the dry season. In India, branches are commonly lopped for fodder. Pods are best fed as a supplement.

Acacia nilotica-1According to cabi.org- “The tannin content contributes to the many medicinal uses of A. nilotica, acting as a powerful astringent. It also has been found to be a powerful molluscicide and algicide, and the fruits, when added to ponds in Sudan, killed snail species which carry schistosomiasis without affecting fish (Ayoub, 1982). The tree is a good host plant for growing lac (shellac) in Sind, Pakistan. An extract of the root is a potent inhibitor of Tobacco mosaic virus. In eastern Java, sprouted seeds are eaten as vegetables, and well-roasted seeds are mixed with coffee (Lemmens and Wulijarni-Soetjipto, 1991). There are many other reported uses (Fagg and Greaves, 1990).”

Its bark is a powerful astringent and can be used as a tan. That means if you have clogged pores and if you fed up with oily skin, the powerful astringent may help your skin get to the better side by drying up the excess oil and it may help in opening up the clogged pores. It can be considered one for all. Means, it has innumerable health benefits to offer you, and today we shall know the health benefits that it has to offer you. Let us get to know the health offering of this tree.


DysenteryDysentery also known as infectious diarrhea is a condition where the inflammation of intestines often accompanied by bloody diarrhea. A kind of bacteria name shigella bacteria (shigellosis) or an amoeba most commonly causes this condition. The main causes of this condition to onset are contaminated food or water. The symptoms may include abdominal cramps, fever, malaise, and most of it the secretion of blood through feces is one of the most common symptoms that everyone should watch out for. Acacia Nilotica or Babool has anti-dysentery properties and is useful in treating the same as well as it may also help it in curbing dysentery. You can take the roots of Acacia Nilotica or Babool, crush it, and leave it in a glass of water for an overnight. You can now strain it and drink this water. This will help you ease your condition.


Diabetes or diabetes mellitus also medically known as hyperglycemia is a condition where the blood sugar level gets too high in your body and becomes the cause of many health complications. Due to dysfunction of pancreas gland, the sugar rise in the blood. Acacia Nilotica or Babool may help you alleviate the blood sugar level in your body. You can chew some gum which exudes out of Acacia Nilotica or Babool As its gum contain anti-diabetic agents, therefore, taking all the advantage of the gum may help you alleviate the sugar level down to normal level.

Skin conditions

Skin conditionsWell, more often or not but this tree is going to aid in your skin health. It is the best tonic for skin health. Eczema, acne, pimple, itching or inflamed skin or any other skin condition can be treated with the help of Acacia Nilotica or Babool. In order to make it in use, you can take the flowers of the same and grind it in vinegar. Prepare a thorough paste and apply it on the affected This will greatly help in improving your skin condition.

Pregnant Women

Those who are pregnant can also be benefitted from this tree. Most of the pregnant women complain that of the abdominal cramps and other complications, therefore, it becomes important for anyone to take the best care of their health. In doing so Acacia Nilotica or Babool may emerge as a powerful tonic. You can powder its leaves and consume it with some additives every morning, which will help you in conceiving. For those who are pregnant, it may help in easing down the complications of pregnancy.

A cough

cough-1If you were affected by a persistent cough, it would be better for you to get into the shelter of Acacia Nilotica or Babool, which will help you in easing down the condition. It has an expectorant effect, which means it may help in expelling out a cough and relieve the chest pain caused by a cough. You can take quartet tablespoon paste of Acacia Nilotica or Babool leaves with a tablespoon of honey in order to ease down the condition.


Impotence is a condition, which is rife in the world. If you are in the same condition, well, considering Acacia Nilotica or Babool, may help you ease down your condition. To use it, you can chew gums for it. It may help in strengthening your penile muscles and the blood flow in your penile muscles will be restored. Therefore, it should be on everyone’s list if one wants to cure this condition.

A sore Throat

sore throatA Sore throat is a condition where you may feel dry and scratchy in the throat, which may often manifest other symptoms such as, pain. If you are affected by the same condition, you can try taking the services of Acacia Nilotica or Babool. It may help in improving your throat condition as well. Either you can chew a small portion of gum or you can boil one tablespoon of crushed Acacia Nilotica or Babool bark in a glass of water and gargle with the same. It may help in improving your condition for sure.

Apart from aforementioned conditions, this miraculous tree may help you in extirpating many of the conditions such as conjunctivitis, gum disease, leucorrhea, bed-wetting, Spermatorrhea and many of these conditions. Therefore, if you want to get rid of any of the aforementioned conditions, it may be better for you to help yourself with Acacia Nilotica or Babool.